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Project Title: Capacity Building of GEER Foundation (for developing a database for marine biodiversity) and Coral Transplantation in Gulf of Kachchh

Funding Agency: The World Bank- MoEF, GoI - SPMU, Gujarat


  1. To build the capacity of GEER Foundation in the field of marine eco-system research & bio-physical monitoring of marine ecosystems.

  2. To generate information about biophysical status of the inter tidal areas and to develop benchmark information about the floral and faunal diversity in the Gulf of Kachchh.

  3. To transplant some of the selected coral species in Gulf of Kachchh.


  1. 1. For achieving this objective Foundation proposes to strengthen its laboratory facility, set up a well-equipped centralized laboratory at Gandhinagar and marine research station at Jamnagar backed up by five marine field stations in the coastal area of Gujarat.

  2. To achieve the objective, the following four activities would be taken up and necessary information generated as per the schedule mentioned against each activity.

  • Bio-physical monitoring of soil and water of intertidal areas in Gulf of Kachchh (annual reports to be brought out at the end of third, fourth and fifth years).

  • Survey of Coastal Flora of Gujarat (report to be brought out at the end of third year).

  • Survey of Coastal Fauna (report to be brought out at the end of fourth year).

  • Biodiversity Status Report (report to be brought out at the end of the five year project period).

  1. To achieve this objective of coral transplantation, the Foundation proposes to take up two sites in Gulf of Kachchh and carry out coral transplantation of some selected species either procured locally or brought from other coral areas of the country.

Project Area: Most of the works under the project such as the Survey of coastal flora and fauna, the study of biodiversity status, biophysical monitoring of soil and water and coral transplantation would be taken up in Gulf of Kachchh in Gujarat. For this purpose, a marine research station is proposed at Jamnagar i.e. southern coast of Gulf of Kachchh and five field stations are proposed at Dwarka, Mandvi, Mangrol, Bhavnagar and Surat.

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