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Natural And Environmental Education :
     Ecological education being one of the primary objectives of the Foundation, nature education programmers for specific target groups such as school children were initiated by the Foundation way back in 1982. Till date, the Foundation has organized 3,322 camps which have benefited more than 1.87 lakh school children and 10,000 teachers. Special camping sites at Indroda Nature Park (INP) and Hingolgadh Sanctuary (HS) have been developed for this purpose. The Foundation organizes about 100 nature education camps every year covering about 5,000 students and 300 teachers. During each camp, participants stay in the wild for two nights and three days.

     Recently, GEER Foundation has developed a wilderness park in the eastern part of the Indroda Nature Park with good camping facilities viz. good dense forest, tents, cottages, amphitheatre, wildlife interpretation centre etc.


Year wise break-up of nature education camps and number of participants

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