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Ecological Studies

GEER Foundation specializes in ecological research and has greatly contributed to the existing knowledge & awareness regarding biodiversity and wildlife that exist in protected areas of Gujarat. The research studies and surveys at the Foundation are carried out with utmost sincerity, using updated infrastructure, by teams of experts.

 All the research activities are aimed at conserving nature through its use in developing conservation management plans. The studies emphasize on the various threat levels of different species due to which the species draw special attention in the management prescriptions. The forest density mapping done by the GIS and Remote Sensing Laboratory in GEER foundation is a valuable input for the management plans of the forest and protected areas. 

Biodiversity Study of Purna Wildlife Sanctuary:

     Last year, the Foundation has published a report on Biodiversity study of Purna Wildlife Sanctuary. for this study, the has collected data pertaining to this study during the field visits carried out by the scientists of the GEER Foundation.

Biodiversity Study of Jessore Wildlife Sanctuary:
     The Foundation started the biodiversity study of Jessore Wildlife Sanctuary during the current year. The collection of data pertaining to the biodiversity e.g. plants, animals and birds is done regularly by the scientists of the GEER Foundation. The draft report has already completed and the finalization of the report will be completed in due course.
Status of Medicinal Plants of Gujarat:
     The Foundation had also taken a state wide study of Medicinal Plants of Gujarat with the well-known and scientists from the different universities and institutions from all over Gujarat. As a result of this extensive study, the Foundation has published a comprehensive report on Medicinal Plants of Gujarat. It contains 1,315 species which has medicinal value.
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