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Aranya Udhyan

The 208.50 ha of afforested area of INP on the eastern bank of the river Sabarmati is also known as Aranya Udhyan. GEER Foundation took large-scale plantations along with soil and moisture conservation as a part of ravine reclamation. This area of the park is being developed as a wilderness park to provide unique opportunity to experience the wilderness in the vicinity of the city life. The area has become natural habitat to large number of tree species, herbs, shrubs, grasses, mammals and considerably large number of birds. . For this purpose nature trails have been created in the park. Also, the information signages on the vegetation occurring in the area are being planned, which may enhance the knowledge of the visitors. Natural Butterfly Park is planned and being developed to understand the butterflies of this area and observe them in natural conditions. Large enclosures for herbivorous animals are also being planned and under development.

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